About Becky

A little introduction…

I’m Becky, happy and proud to be the founder of Hello Independence.

I started my career in care by pure chance and luck, after answering a Facebook ad. I loved my “work” and knew then that this is what I wanted to do. I very quickly learnt how my clients valued their independence, so I went about ensuring they had everything in place they needed to be happy and independent at home.

I learnt how stoic they were, never wanting anyone to go to any trouble. This often meant that they would go without the care they needed as they didn’t want to “trouble the doctor”, so I became their voice.

I learnt the importance of a support network, so I became a part of the network, bringing peace of mind to loved ones who can’t be there around the clock.

Probably the most important lesson I have learnt is that age is not how old you are, but how many years you’ve had fun. So, long may the fun continue and long may I continue to learn.

My Qualifications

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Dementia Awareness

Domiciliary Care

Caring for the Elderly

Pain Management

First Aid for Mental Health

First Aid

Stroke Awareness

Supporting People with Physical Disabilities

Independent Living

Duty of Care

Privacy and Dignity

Anxiety and Depression Awareness Diploma

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Diploma


As I live overseas and I’m the only “child”, I talk with my mother almost every day via Skype. She constantly tells me what a fantastic job Becky does for her and a direct quote is “That girl can never do enough for me. She always wants to please me!” As one can imagine it gives me huge peace of mind that my mother is so well taken care of especially as I have not been able to visit this year due to the pandemic. I thoroughly recommend Becky.

Ian, USA

Becky has been my personal assistant for a couple of years now, but I consider her more as a good friend and part of the family. She is very kind and very loyal. She is hard-working, conscientious and good in a crisis. I really enjoy the time I spend with Becky, we have a good laugh together, she is very funny. I am very lucky to have her.

Carol, Fleet

Becky started working with my mum in June 2019, and immediately became an integral part of the care and support package we have in place for her. Becky makes the difference between my mum existing and living her life. What’s been so wonderful for my siblings and I, particularly during 2020 is how much she also supports us when we haven’t been allowed to visit. Nothing is ever a problem with her, and she never fails to go above and beyond.

Andrew, Chichester

Becky and Marlene looked after me following a serious leg fracture which left me pretty much helpless for many weeks. As a previously active and busy person with children and animals it was a very anxious time. They couldn’t do enough for me, and always went over and above, anticipating every need. Nothing was too much trouble. I have never met kinder, more caring people. It gave me huge peace of mind during a very difficult time. I couldn’t recommend them more highly. Thank you both!

Angie, Fleet

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