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Medicine Waste

Unused prescription medicines cost the NHS around £300 million per year.  Here at Hello Independence, we’re committed to helping reduce this waste.  Follow our progress below and find tips on how you can also do your bit to help.
Watch our quick introduction to medicine waste, which highlights the costs involved to the NHS and gives you some easy tips to help you reduce waste and stay safe when storing and disposing of medication.

Meeting with Steve Forster

May 20, 2021

I’m excited to be meeting Steve Forster, Hart District Councillor for Fleet West, to discuss my Medicine Waste Campaign and how we can work together to raise awareness and reduce waste.

Raising Awareness in Fleet

May 18, 2021

We’re working with Fleet BID to set up a regular stand in Fleet town centre to raise awareness of our campaign. More details coming soon!

Clear out the Cupboard

May 11, 2021

Clear out the Cupboard

I’ve just been through a clients’ medicine cabinet and found over £500 of unused medication!  Have you checked your medicines recently?  Take a look now and make sure you’re not overstocked – every little helps!

Campaign Launch

May 3, 2021

I am actively campaigning to help our NHS.  It is estimated that £300 MILLION is wasted EVERY YEAR in unwanted prescription medication.


As a home carer, I help my clients with their medication.  It upsets me to see how much medication is wasted, so I have put together a video on how you can do your bit to support our NHS.


Watch here:

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