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Preventing Falls
in the Home

Did you know that in the UK, falls are the most common cause of injury related deaths in over 75s? Having a fall can have far more of an impact than a bruised ego and a bump on the head. It can be emotional too, with the loss of confidence, mobility or independence. Never fear, we have 5 handy tips to help…

Don't Rush

We all do it, the phone rings and we rush to answer it. And you can guarantee it will be someone wanting to talk to you about PPI or compensation for the car accident you never had. So what can you do? If you don’t have one already, it might be worth investing in a cordless phone, or better still, get an answering machine, that way you can screen all those nuisance calls and just speak to the people you actually want to.

If “someone’s knockin’ at the door, someone’s ringin’ the bell” – Is that song stuck in anyone else’s head now, thanks Paul McCartney! Anyway, if that’s what has you rushing, you can get an intercom or one of those fancy doorbells – that way, you can answer whoever’s interrupting your favourite TV show, without even getting off the sofa. They’re easy to install and use too.

Whatever you decide, no one is worth breaking a limb over, well almost no one, I’m sure there’s a few people we wouldn’t mind coming to our rescue.


Rugs. Yes they look pretty on the floor, but, they are major trip hazards. I know, I know and I’m sorry, but its really important to stay safe at home and removing them will give you one less thing to trip over; like one of the shoes from the collection you’ve gathered over the week that catches you off guard, jumping out as you walk by. Oh and on that note, wear good indoor footwear that has a bit of grip so you don’t slip over.

Ornaments, AKA Walking Aids

You are not alone in having them displayed proudly on the back of a chair, or in the corner of the room willing to be used. On the odd occasion they get an outing from their usual spot, only to be left in the kitchen as you furniture hop your way back, only realising when you get up again – damn, where did I leave it?

But they really are worth using. They are a great support if you get a wobble and surely it’s better to use an aid than to end up on your bum, struggling to get up. Alternatively, you can install hand rails to give you extra support as you move around your house.


As fun as it is to try and navigate in the dark without stubbing your toe or testing if those carrots you ate for supper really do help you to see in the dark, having a light that comes on automatically when you get up is a far easier way to get about. You can get night lights, or motion sensor lights that come on when your bladder rudely interrupts you getting a good night sleep.

Strength and Balance

Keeping in shape has so many benefits. Before anyone panics or buys a gym membership, standing up once an hour will help do the trick, and even better, walk around for two minutes. When you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or counting down the seconds for the microwave to ping, alternate standing on one leg. This is a great way to practice your balance and it will also give your neighbours a good laugh if they glance through the window.
Little things can make a big difference in keeping you safe, happy and independent at home. For more information on how Hello Independence can support you in your own home, contact Becky today for an informal chat.